Melissa McLay -- March 11, 1984 to September 22, 2002
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September 22 | Another year
Another year (4) and I still can't believe it happened. Somethings you just never get over and at certain times it is real hard to live with and I wish that no one would ever have to experience this turmoil. I love and miss you very much Melissa and am looking forward to seeing you again, with hugs and kisses for etetrnity. Mom
Remembered by Jeanette | 3:22pm

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It is so weird how someone you know so little can make such a difference in the way you look at life. Melissa was such a sweet person and I always wanted to get to know her better, but I am shy. When we did get to talk we had a lot in common. I am sorry for your loss to those of you reading this and I just wanted to let you know that she is still thought of every day by many people. She will always be remembered in my heart with a smile on her face.

Posted by Sierra Adams
September 23, 2006 | 12:43 AM


Posted by Carrie
September 24, 2006 | 1:41 AM

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