Melissa McLay -- March 11, 1984 to September 22, 2002
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September 15 | Playing Dress Up
Melissa was always dressing the dogs up.

Chilly would never stand for it, but Max would lie there and take it. He would take any form of abuse from her, even when it came to suffering through that red one-piece her Cabbage Patch doll was supposed to wear.

He could hardly walk around in it, so it is a good thing she carried him everywhere.

After the four boys left home, the dog situation was quickly divvied up between her and me. Most importantly, this determined which bed the dogs would sleep in. Max was ‘her’ dog and would sleep in her bedroom, while Chilly was ‘my’ dog and was to sleep in my room.

But Melissa went to bed earlier than I did, and anyone who knew Chilly would know that she was not particular about which bed she was in; as long as she was warm she was happy.

Melissa would bring both Max and Chilly to bed with her. Chilly was ‘my’ dog and Melissa never asked permission to do this, so it upset me. But that didn’t stop Melissa. Every single night the last year or so I was in high school, I had to step into her room and call Chilly to come to bed with me.
Remembered by Valette | 2:08pm

please note: the dates for all comments posted before january 8, 2004 are incorrect.

I never had to go look for Chilly when I lived there. I always went to bed late and Chilly always went to bed early, but she was in the same place every night, under all of the covers at the bottom of my waterbed. I remeber she would get grumpy if I tryed to move her over so I could get in bed. She was the coolest dog.

Posted by Marty
September 17, 2004 | 10:47 PM

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