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August 04 | little black dress
When I was a junior in High School, Melissa was in the 8th grade. She had this dress she had worn to one of the dances at the Junior High: it was a simple black dress and had a sheer red flowery dress over it.

One morning I snuck into her bedroom and ‘borrowed’ her little black dress. Now, anyone who knew us back then knows that we were the farthest thing from the same size.

But her little black dress hugged all the right curves; I tucked it into a pair of new black jeans, a white button-up shirt open over it, and black strappy heels on my feet. I looked hot, and I knew it. I think this is the first time my (now) husband noticed me.

I ‘borrowed’ her dress a few other times, but I don’t think she ever noticed. I'm sure she would have said something if she had noticed.
Remembered by Valette | 4:16pm

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