Think of Melissa -- March 11, 1984 to September 22, 2002
In Collective Remembrance

July 23 | One thing or another
Valette is right about the crutches and looking back , you know because hindsight is 20/20, we all should have bought stock in 3-M. Melissa used more Ace bandages then anyone I ever met. You know...ankles, knees, wrists, elbows...she always had one part of her body wrapped up or on ice. Ace bandages and ice packs, we all could have been rich.
Remembered by Rod & Jen | 4:55pm | 2 comments


July 20 | always with crutches
The youth group took a trip to the beach one summer Wednesday evening to take advantage of the great weather and the low tide.

This particular summer Melissa was on crutches. I do not know the specific reason that she was on crutches; all I know is that she owned a pair of personal crutches because she needed them a lot.

Instead of going to the Homer Spit and driving out onto the beach like we usually did, we went to a church member's house. They had a steep trail leading down the bluff directly on to the beach.

Because Melissa was on crutches, she had to be carried. I would like to think that I carried her on my back, but now that I am writing this out, I think one of the boys gave her a piggy back ride; I carried her crutches.
Remembered by Valette | 4:49pm | 1 comments


July 11 | It's just not fair
To put it bluntly: I feel like shit! I've started to lose track of the little things; I hate the word forget, but that's really what it is. Just the little things that we said we'd never forget, things that were said, things that we did and saw...just stupid stuff that wouldn't matter to anyone else but me and her. Fading away from my makes me feel terrible! AND IT'S JUST NOT DAMN FAIR!!!
Remembered by Carrie | 4:52am | 2 comments


July 03 | Comment Spam Update
I just deleted 535 spamalicious comments from this site.

I happened to hop online just as the spammer was inundating the site with some spamming software. I know this because comments were being posted faster than I could delete them.

I have gotten spam comments here before, but nothing of this magnitude.

I changed a few things to the site to help prevent this in the future. Here are some changes you may notice:

The comment link now points to the individual entry page instead of popping up in a new screen.

Also, the comments no longer link to a commenter's website. In fact, i removed the website field from the comments entirely. Since I and Damon are the only ones who have used this, this won't be that big of a change.

Email addresses are still required in case i need to get ahold of a particular commenter, but they will never be displayed on the website to protect everyone's privacy.

I apologize if anyone has seen any of these disturbing spam comments. I will continue to do what I can to keep them at bay.
Remembered by Valette | 11:03pm | 1 comments


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