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April 02 | Holding Hands
Bridger and I were recently in Seward visiting a college friend, Matt. Matt works for Kenai Fjords Tours and was able to get Bridger and I onto a four hour tour for free. It reminded me of when Matt did the same thing for Melissa and I.

It was the summer of 2000, before I got married. He was working for Stan Steven's Tours then, and knew the right people at Kenai Fjords Tours to get all three of us onto a tour.

We had driven to Seward to give him a ride to Homer - he was backpacking around Alaska that summer, and I had invited him to visit me. It helped that he and Melissa had started chatting online; he really liked her.

You know.
Like-liked her.

So he got us onto this tour around Ressurection Bay. The water was really rough that day and the sky was considering raining. Most everyone on the boat was vomiting or about to vomit, including Melissa. But she didn't want me to let Matt know that she was sea sick.

We sat inside at a table playing cards, taking pictures, and pretending Melissa wasn't sick. Matt kept trying to hold her hand.

The trip was cut short because of the weather, and we headed south (all three of us) in my truck to Homer. I let Melissa drive for a lot of it to let her get away from Matt trying to hold her hand.
Remembered by Valette | 2:11pm

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