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April 28 | in jokes
The rabid weasel with the squeegee stole my pants!

In all that is purple and round square, how can you call me a paperclip?

Remembered by Valette | 11:39am | 2 comments


April 27 | Stupid Porcupines...
um, I have a somewhat odd request: there is a grey CD in her collection that has, what looks like french on it, but is really spanish...Missa and I found it on a journey to Anchorage. We were driving up there with Christine, Chuck, and Justin when all of a sudden, Missa SLAMS on the breaks...IN THE MIDDLE OF THE HIWAY!!! Everyone in the car, including myself just looked at her like "What in God's name are you doing?!" She replied to our stares with "There's porcupines over there on the side of the road." Very calm, like she had done nothing out of the ordinary. So we all get out and chase the porcupines off the road and across the ditch, when we find a dirty, wet discman just lying there. so we took it for a souvenir. we open the discman to find this odd CD and to our surprise it worked! There is this one track, I think it's #4, that just made us laugh for a really long my odd request is to whoever now has her CDs: if it would be at all possible for me to have that CD, you would have my unending gratitude and the satisfaction of knowing that I will never be without a laugh!
Remembered by Carrie | 2:04am | 2 comments


April 25 | Easter
Easter this year brought me mixed emotions. Melissa and I always colored eggs together making faces on the eggs and making fun of the people we decided they looked like. We would have fun hiding them, and re-hiding them. I missed doing that with her. I am so thankful to know that Melissa knew the Lord and accepted Jesus. It was this that I reflected on this Easter Sunday. I don't know believe we ever realize the impact people have on our lives until they are gone. Thank you Melissa for blessing my life...I miss you
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April 24 | Leaving
I was listening to one of Melissa's CDs today. This song played:

"'Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
Don't know when I'll be back again -
Oh Babe, I hate to go."

She didn't come back. When I watched her walk through security to her plane it would be the last I would ever see her. If I had known that she wouldn't be coming back, I wouldn't have let her get on that plane.

"So kiss me and smile for me,
Tell me that you'll wait for me,
Hold me like you'll never let me go."
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April 22 | Pictures
By popular demand, I have added 11 more photographs of Melissa.

I still have around 50 to get online; if you have any photos of Melissa that you would like to see online, email them to me.
Remembered by Valette | 5:08pm | 2 comments


April 21 | Honk
When Valette and Melissa were in grade school I remember playing around in the car and teasing them that noses made sounds when I pushed on them. I assigned sounds to each of our noses. My nose went 'honk', Valette's nose went 'beep', and I decided that Melissa's nose went 'ah-oooh-gah'. Melissa HATED the sound that I gave her and insisted on another sound. I told her that I couldn't help it, but that's the sound her nose made. I pushed her nose over and over again making that sound. Through all the laughter and rough-housing Melissa continued to protest. To this day, I swear that is the sound her nose makes when you push it. Ah-oooh-gah, ah-oooh-gah, ah-oooh-gah!
Remembered by Damon | 9:43pm | 2 comments


April 21 | heeeey batter batter....
With the summer came softball season.

Melissa played shortstop at first, but worked her way to the pitcher’s mound. She had one of the most consistent pitches in her teams.

She was number 6.

I sat on the bleachers and screamed for her even when the crowd was small and no one was making a sound. I heckled the opposing team at bat. I learned chants and cheers. If it had been a school team, one could have said I had school spirit.

She went to Anchorage one year with the All-Star team. The Anchorage teams were formidable: they all looked over 20 years. But it was great to be there and get the All-Stars baseball cap.

Now the summer comes and I am going to miss sitting on hard/cold/wet/hot bleachers.

I am going to miss cheering when she knocks one into deep left, or when she strikes another batter out.
I am going to miss my love for sports.
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April 04 | some site stuff
I have been thinking a bit about making the Think of Melissa site a bit more... interactive.

If I were to install a bulletin board on the site, would you use it? It could be a place to discuss this site, family-type stuff, Homer stuff, or whatever.

What else would you like to see more/less of here at Think of Melissa? Any new features? More pictures?

And I want everyone who reads this to post a comment. Yes, Mom, I mean you too.
Remembered by Valette | 4:34pm | 7 comments


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