Think of Melissa -- March 11, 1984 to September 22, 2002
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February 28 | Stuffies
I had started collecting McDonald's stuffed toys and placing them around in my van. Melissa had seen them and when she started packing for her trip to Minnesota, she gave me the stuffed McDonald toys she had. I drapped them across the back of the van on a plastic chain which Melissa did see. Everyday I drive and the chain starts swinging I say "Hold on guys" I smile and think of Melissa.
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February 26 | My new friend
Almost a year ago was the first time Missa and I hung out, just the two of us. It was after a boyfriend broke up with me and I didn't want to be alone. I actually called her cell to see if she was with some of the more "regular" friends of mine, but it was just her driving around in the white truck. I told her what happened and she said she'd come get me...we drove around for hours, we chain smoked, I cried, and she hugged me. After that, we were inseperable buddies...:) I miss her sooooo much, and I've been thinking about her a lot lately...
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February 25 | Made You Look
(I received this in the submission form today. It is from Rita's sister, Robin.)

The summer before Melissa died: Rita, Carrie, Melissa and I were staying in a motel near the airport the day before leaving back to Alaska. We were hanging in the room and Carrie and Melissa looked sad to be leaving, so I was standing facing sliding glass doors to the outside. I was messing around pretending to be waving to someone outside. My niece Carrie and my sister Rita would not fall for this prank. I kept pretending to be noticing someone outside and pretending someone was noticing me. When Melissa finally jumped up and said, "I can't stand this, I have got to see who you are looking at." I thought it was so funny; I finally got her to look.

That is my fondest memory of Melissa, I wish I could have had more.
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February 24 | snow machining
I feel kind of strange about writing here but reading made me remember some things about Melissa. This one time me, Melissa, Leighann, and this guy Dan all went snow machining (mind you I've never been on a snow machine). It was the most fun I've ever had in the snow. I got to watch every one fall on there ass trying to ride the snowboard Leighann brought and I made Melissa take me really far down the road just to go pee. She tried really hard to tell me to just go by the truck but I wouldnít listen. I have to say she was ballsy on a snow machine I think we were maxed out for speed and she taking corners like a mad woman. It was one of the funnest times Iíve ever had. I wish I could have had more.
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February 22 | anniversary
Five months.
I miss you, Moe.
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February 21 | the ice cream cone tradition
One sunny spring afternoon I walked into the computer room and began talking to Melissa. Halfway through one of my sentences I noticed she was crying. I stopped, knelt down, and hugged her for the longest time.

Her boyfriend had just broken up with her.

I donít know which boyfriend it was, but he had hurt her. She told me the entire story Ė the parts I didnít already know, that is.

My protective-sister complex took over and I needed to get her out of the house. I drove us out to the end of the Spit and out onto the beach. The tide was high; we walked for a little bit, but ended up sitting on the rocks.

We sat there for over an hour throwing rocks at the birds and coming up with the most despicable, painful, degrading, nasty things we could do to said boyfriend. Each action we thought of taking against him was worse than the last; all of this made us feel much better.

I bought her an ice cream cone at the Frosty Bear on the Spit and we took one of her shortcuts home.

The rock throwing, bad-talking the ex, and the ice cream cone became tradition for the ending of any of her relationships.

Last February I had an awful evening and called her to talk about it; we were on the phone for two hours at least. In the mail a week later I got a card from her with a little note that made my week:

Next time youíre in Homer, I owe you an ice cream cone.

I still have that note, and she still owes me ice cream.
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February 21 | Sense of Humor
Melissa & her brother Rodney had the same taste when it came comedy...weird. Rodney & Melissa both liked stupod humor and sometimes tortured me with it. Monty Python, Red Green, the Simpsons and Married with Children ranked right up there. While I would have chosen something else to watch I did enjoy the way they made fun of the shows. They would carry on during commercials or after the movies and it was fun to listen to and actually made the shows worth watching.
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February 10 | An egg of a different color
Melissa shared a lot of qualities with her brothers and sister. One of which is a weird sense of humor. She enjoyed playing jokes on people and her family was not exempt from being the butt of her humor. One Halloween, Rodney parked his newly painted camero at his folks house to prevent it from being egged in town. Melissa and some other nameless parties thought they would be funny and went out and broke a single egg in the middle of the snorkel style hood scoop. It puddled there and unfortunately froze that night. When Rodney & I went to pick up the car he found a semi-frozen egg and a hysterical sister. Melissa couldn't have known it would peel all the paint off when it was taken off, Rodney was hot! Melissa just laughed...
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February 05 | Christmas Bang
One Christmas Melissa got some inflatable furniture - a chair and an ottoman. After all of the unwrapping frenzy of the morning, she wanted to inflate it. We started by breathing air into it, but these pieces were quite large.

I had the brilliant idea to use our dad's air compressor: the furniture would be inflated in a few short minutes. So we walked out to the shop and inflated away.

Everything was great until the chair popped.

It was December; the cold froze the plastic which made it quite brittle. The compressed air was no doubt warmer than the frozen plastic - the combination of the two was just right to pop the chair with a loud bang.

Melissa was very mad at me and sulked for weeks. We had to buy her a new chair to replace the one I popped.
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February 04 | Riding with Ryan
On Saturday Rodney & I got to go snowmachining with Ryan and Dan. We had a lot of fun even though the snow this year isn't very good. Dan took some pictures of Rodney & Ryan jumping. I wish Melissa could have been riding with us, but I know she was there in spirit.
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February 01 | Mechanic
She always wanted to learn how to repair her truck so that she wouldn't have to always ask dad to fix it. She wanted to be able to repair her snow machine so that she would not have to stop until she needed gas.
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