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September 12 | No thanks, I'll pass
Can I just skip over the rest of September?
Remembered by Valette | 2:24pm

please note: the dates for all comments posted before january 8, 2004 are incorrect.

no way. not unless you take us with you

Posted by Damon
January 07, 2004 | 3:55 PM

Hey Girl,
You were on my mind today. I will remember you throughout September.
Take care ...
We love you.

Posted by Julie S.
January 07, 2004 | 3:56 PM

Hey guys-
Oh man! Do I know how you feel... I think just yesterday I had the same thought...Can time just stop now or could it just be nexted month. I miss her so much...Always thinking...Christine

Posted by Christine
January 07, 2004 | 3:56 PM

Yeah, I was thinking on the first how excited I was for it to be September because my birthday was the 10th, but then I remember what else September brings and to be quite blunt, I felt like shit and didn't want my birthday to ever come cuz then September would never come and you guys!

Posted by Carrie
January 07, 2004 | 3:57 PM

September is sure dragging for all of us, and I agree that Ill be glad when it's Oct. It doesn't seem possible that it's been a year
already, when the pain and hurt is still just as great and even more so this month. I thought March was hard to get through, but it doesn't even compare to this month. I love all of you and am praying for us all.

Posted by Mom
January 07, 2004 | 3:58 PM

Carrie: Happy Birthday

Mom: hugs

Posted by Damon
January 07, 2004 | 4:02 PM

Carrie--Happy B-day

Mom--As always hugs and we are all here for you

Posted by Jennifer
January 07, 2004 | 4:02 PM

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