Melissa McLay -- March 11, 1984 to September 22, 2002
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July 25 | Where were you...
Whenever people talk about historic or life altering events it seems like they always talk about where they were...Alan Jackson sings a song about the tragic events of 9/11 that has a totally different effect on me. The first line of the song is "Where were you when the world stopped turning that September Day?" I always think of Melissa. September 22, 2002 was a Sunday and I had baked a shoo-fly cake and some anadama bread and Rodney and I were having Sunday dinner with friends. Where were you when the world stopped turning that September Day?
Remembered by Rod & Jen | 9:30am

please note: the dates for all comments posted before january 8, 2004 are incorrect.

i was out and about with damon, dana, beth, and bridger that afternoon. dinner probably at food factory. we had rented fun and fancy free; bridger and i went home to grab the dog before watching the movie.

Posted by Valette
January 07, 2004 | 3:52 PM

Obviously I was with Valette. We were having a very relaxing, casual time hanging out with the group. Dana, Beth, and I walked into our place and the phone rang almost immediately. John gave me the horrific news. The weight of it didn't really hit until I told Valette who arrived shortly after. I was so glad that God had me with my friends group when this happened. We were all a great support to each other.

Posted by Damon
January 07, 2004 | 3:52 PM

As Valette mentioned, we were planning to watch Fun & Fancy Free that night. I don't think that I can ever watch that movie now. The course of my life veered dramatically that night. Watching that movie would feel like resuming things as if Melissa never died.

Posted by Damon
January 07, 2004 | 3:52 PM

That's what I think about when I hear that song too. Everyone knows where I was that day... and I heard the Harley and I heard the sirens and I knew something happened... but I couldn't do anything about it and that makes me feel terrible...

Posted by Carrie
January 07, 2004 | 3:52 PM

We were here in Kentucky when the phone rang, it was Barbie Jackson. She told me to sit down, so I did. She then told me the news, I told my kids. The tears fell like rain for the next few days. Gideon wrote a poem in her memory.
Her picture(on our refrigerator is a gentle reminder of a loving girl who we hold dear to our hearts.

Posted by Julie S.
January 07, 2004 | 3:53 PM

I was just getting ready to take a nap. I was just about comatous when the phone rang, I ignored the first few rings but then for no reason at all I was litterally shaken by the shoulders, as if to wake up. I was home alone, I answered and grandma told me the bad news. I didn't know what to do. I tried calling her cell, no answer. then I called Cabanas, because she was delivering products there. I told Dawn what happened and she told me Rodney and Jen were there and that my mom had already left. It has taken me a long time to be able to take a nap on a Sunday afternoon again.

Posted by Misti
January 07, 2004 | 3:54 PM

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