Melissa McLay -- March 11, 1984 to September 22, 2002
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June 02 | Harf
I remember Mom, Melissa, Valette and I driving to Soldotna (or maybe Anchorage) one time when Melissa was probably 5. Melissa was notorious for getting car sick and this trip was no exception. She was sitting in the front seat while Mom drove. She had gotten that glazed look in her eyes and was some indescribable shade of green. Mom asked if she was getting sick. Melissa responded in a drone-like voice, "No." Mom persisted, "Do you need me to pull over?" Melissa continued to deny her sickness though she was anything but convincing. Mom continued to ask, Melissa continued to insist that she was fine. Then Melissa promptly... ...More
Remembered by Damon | 7:53pm

please note: the dates for all comments posted before january 8, 2004 are incorrect.


Except for the leaking bag, that pretty much described every road trip with her when she was younger.

Posted by Valette
January 07, 2004 | 3:49 PM

Rodney to this day won't eat Cheez-it because like Melissa he would get sick in the car then mom would give him Cheez-its. He says puke and Cheez-its taste the same!

Posted by Jennifer
January 07, 2004 | 3:50 PM

I won't eat cheese-its either because of how many times I saw them regurgitated. And they looked the exact same as before they were eaten. Scary stuff.

Posted by Valette
January 07, 2004 | 3:50 PM

HI guys-
Carrie, Melissa, and I were always together. I cant tell you all how much I miss Melissa's smile or her laugh. I love reading your storys!!! Keep um coming...!!

Posted by Christine
January 07, 2004 | 3:50 PM

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