Melissa McLay -- March 11, 1984 to September 22, 2002
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January 21 | Denny's
One year I drove Melissa & Valette to Anchorage to go the the state fair. We went out to eat with John & Heidi and after much ado we ended up at Denny's over on Dimond. It took forever to get waited on, we tried to order a couple of things which they were out of, our waitress was extremely rude & it took a really long time to get our food. When it came it was awful!!! and to top it all off most of it was cold. I had ordered french toast and accidently, at first, spilled some syrup on the table. As the meal went on we started glueing dishes and salt & pepper shakers etc. to the table with syrup. Melissa thought it was the funniest thing and before the meal was over everyone was particpating. Our final act of stickiness was to leave the tip, a penny of course, stuck to the table in syrup. We laughed about it all the way home and everytime I would ask Melissa where we should eat when we were in Anchorage she would always laugh and say "Let's go to Denny's" :^)
Remembered by Rod & Jen | 4:16pm

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I totally remember that. We made the biggest mess with that syrup. Every time I step into that particular Denny's I think of that poor penny stuck to the table in a lake of syrup, and I can't stop giggling.

Posted by Valette
January 07, 2004 | 3:15 PM

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