Melissa McLay -- March 11, 1984 to September 22, 2002
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December 21 | A Song for Melissa
1. I will always believe that you would be the brightest among the stars
'Cause I saw your light shine long ago
Long before you believed,
I knew you could be in heaven's place.

Oh Melissa,
Where are you now?
Did you finally find your place in this world?
Oh Melissa,
Tell me true -
Is the brightest star I see tonight,
Is it really you?

2. Standing on the brink of beginning
On your own, a road ready to travel
Packing up past mistakes,
Gaining experience on the way

3. And now I'll never know the future
Would the plans and dreams come true?
But this I know for sure
You would have become the brightest among the stars

Here or there - your light will shine
In our hearts the memory is true
So now I know tonight
The brightest star shining above is you.

Chorus 2:
Oh Melissa,
I can see you now
You've found your place out of this world
Oh Melissa,
I know it's true
The brightest star in God's heaven -
Can only be you.
Remembered by Dana | 10:57am

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