Melissa McLay -- March 11, 1984 to September 22, 2002
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December 17 | First Bikini
I was thinking today of the first time Melissa visited us. She came up on spring break. We were tossing about things to do and decided we were going to Chena Hot Springs. Melissa didn't have a suit, or had planned to buy one up here, I don't remember which. Anyway, Melissa, Damon and Valette went to Lamonts and the two siblings talked Melissa into getting a two-piece. There was a big to do about it when they all came back to my place.

Once at the hot springs, I finally got to see Missa model the suit. It was a tank style top with french cut bottoms. She looked so darn good! I remember feeling very jealous and a bit shy about how I looked. She caught the eye of everyone there. The other thing I remember about that trip was that Melissa was completely herself. She played hard and we all had a really good time. How she looked was not the all consuming priority as it was with so many other girls her age. She was just ready to have fun. I miss her laughter and seeing her abandon herself to the moment.
Remembered by Dana | 12:05pm

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