Think of Melissa -- March 11, 1984 to September 22, 2002
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December 11 | Once Upon a Time
Looking through Dana and my wedding scrapbook I found something that Melissa gave us just before our wedding. It was written on a ruled 3x5 card. Gotta love the spelling:

Once thar was a grile namde Dana. She wnt to chrech. One day she meat a man and thuy got maryd und they livd hupply evea avt. The End.
From Melissa

Remembered by Damon | 6:37pm | 1 comments


December 11 | Talkative
I chatted with Melissa on ICQ quite a bit. Well, chatted isn't really the word. It was more like me playing 20 questions and Melissa rotating her answers through the standard, "yeah", "nothin", and "I don't know". She was quite adept at making one of those three answers fit any question. It was like beating your head against a wall to hold an actual conversation with her.

I miss playing 20 questions with her...
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December 11 | Projectile Christmas
Multiple years in a row, Melissa was sick Christmas morning. She would be fine the days prior, fine during the candlelight service at church, fine all night as she jumped on her bed waiting for Christmas to come. As if by magic, when she was awoken at 8am on December 25, she would be sick.

But not just any normal kind of sick. She would be curled in Dad's recliner being projectile-vomiting-sick.

Se would still open presents - no one would take that from her - but she would skip the whole family breakfast thing and head back to bed.

Christmas won't be Christmas until someone projectile vomits.

Any volunteers?
Remembered by Valette | 9:52am | 5 comments


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