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December 10 | tattoo
Probably everyone involved has a different take on this memory. When Melissa came to Fairbanks to visit us one of her goals was to get a tatoo. Last I had heard, via the ever reliable brother/sister grapevine, was that she wanted a dark skull type tatoo. I was not thrilled about this. But by the time she came up here Damon had convinced her to go with something different. (I think asking her to imaging a flaming skull on her skin at 60 helped). I don't know how the idea came up but Missa and I were sitting in the tatoo shop looking at books of frogs. I marked a couple pictures I thought were really cute. She eventually picked a blue poison dart frog. Everyone loved it. I left before the appointment was finished. She showed me at home later that evening. She now had a blue frog crawling up the small of her back. Damon said the tatoo message was "I'm cute but can be deadly". Melissa loved that. I really miss that she's not here to get a second tatoo.
Remembered by Dana | 1:43pm

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So how did the group tattoo appointment go?

Posted by Carrie
December 16, 2003 | 4:42 PM

The time went well. Bug Valette to post the pictures! We all have cute frogs in varying states of blue/purple. I love mine! It's crawling up the rose tatoo vine on my back.

Posted by Dana
December 16, 2003 | 4:42 PM

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