Melissa McLay -- March 11, 1984 to September 22, 2002
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December 02 | What's in a Name
One summer Melissa was jealous that the family fishing boat shared a name with me. Not was she only jealous, but she was loud as well; she made sure everyone within earshot heard of this injustice.

Either John (one of our older brothers) was naïve and believed this injustice, or he just wanted her to stop moaning; I care to believe the latter. He walked out to our skiff that was sitting next to the shop and promptly painted her name on its stern.

With a big, pretty, red rose.

For weeks I was the jealous one. Not only did she get a boat named after her (our fishing boat was one year older than I, therefore it was not named after me), but she got a pretty rose to boot.

I reacted the only way an older sister could be expected: I taunted her about being the teeny skiff while I was a boat, and that she would never measure up.
Remembered by Valette | 6:36pm


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