Melissa McLay -- March 11, 1984 to September 22, 2002
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November 27 | Holiday Dinner at Grandma's
Whenever the holiday dinner rotation put us at Grandma's table, Melissa and I always sat close to each other, and usually at the end closest to the deck with Mom.

When all the food was passed around Melissa would place one roll on her plate with the one sliver of turkey Mom made her take. These two items consisted of her Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Once she was done eating, her plate never looked like it had just held food.

The last few years, she and I would make fun of the other family members at length: at Rayanne talking incessantly, at Grandma continually asking 'What else can I get you?', no one was left out. We would be giggling so hard by the end of the dinner that we would be excused to walk home.
Remembered by Valette | 11:36am

please note: the dates for all comments posted before january 8, 2004 are incorrect.

We Love you Valette

Posted by Julie
December 16, 2003 | 4:29 PM

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