Melissa McLay -- March 11, 1984 to September 22, 2002
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November 26 | A Smile was worth it all
Hi, This memory goes back to a camping experience with a youth group. As every one knows you always scope out a good camping spots before the big group arrives. Melissa didn't want to ride in the van with all the others so she came with me to reserve our spot. While waiting for the group to arrive Melissa and I were sitting on a bench being annoyed by bees. Several attempts to get rid of the bee failed so we decided to use our frisbee to take out the little critter. We paused for just a moment when the bee decided to seal his fate. I swung the frisbee and the little bee flew across the parking lot, hit a canoe and landed on the ground. I though we would never quit laughing. The rest of the weekend we would find ourselves giggling about the event. I loved Melissa laugh and her smile.
Remembered by Julie | 9:20am

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Hey Julie - how did you know Melissa? I'm her sister-in-law, married to Damon.

Posted by Dana
December 16, 2003 | 4:26 PM

Hi Dana,
Valette introdused us in Homer because our E-mail addresses are alike. I remember the hand bells you came to play at church. Our family now lives in Lagrange Kentucky. We were looking forward to seeing Melissa here. She was going to come visit but the Lord had other plans. Melissas picture in on our refrigerator I think of her and Valette often. They are both special to us. Julie

Posted by Julie
December 16, 2003 | 4:27 PM

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