Think of Melissa -- March 11, 1984 to September 22, 2002
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November 28 | Thanksgiving
Hey Girl,
It's Thanksgiving. I was trying to think of how many Thanksgivings I shared with you. Not too many because Damon and I quickly became saavy enough to try to avoid dinner at Grandma's house! I got to tell you - I wish you could have shared dinner at my house. 1. it's hysterical fun and 2. I'm a better cook. Well at least let's say I don't make canned green bean casserole. How you ever survived and had so much energy just eating white rolls I'll never quite know. It went against everything I thought I knew! I miss you today.
Remembered by Dana | 8:44am | 0 comments


November 27 | Daredevil
Melissa spent many wonderful days snowmachining in the Caribou Hills with her oldest brother, Rodney, and I. We always had fun and she always had a smile on her face! On one occasion we were in "central valley" jumping cornices. She was fearless and would try anything. Melissa & I found this one cornice that was perfect. She had jumped it a couple of times and gotten some awesome air. I flagged Rodney down to come watch her jump. She lined up with the jump and went at it at full speed! She got a little too much air and let off the throttle flipping her machine over on herself! Rodney & I just stared in disbelief for a minute and then went to check on her. When we got there, her helmet was full of snow, her boot had come off...and she was laughing so hard she couldn't stand up! GOOD TIMES!!!
Remembered by Rod & Jen | 12:31pm | 0 comments


November 27 | Holiday Dinner at Grandma's
Whenever the holiday dinner rotation put us at Grandma's table, Melissa and I always sat close to each other, and usually at the end closest to the deck with Mom.

When all the food was passed around Melissa would place one roll on her plate with the one sliver of turkey Mom made her take. These two items consisted of her Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Once she was done eating, her plate never looked like it had just held food.

The last few years, she and I would make fun of the other family members at length: at Rayanne talking incessantly, at Grandma continually asking 'What else can I get you?', no one was left out. We would be giggling so hard by the end of the dinner that we would be excused to walk home.
Remembered by Valette | 11:36am | 1 comments


November 26 | Missing
Hey Missa -
Today I just really miss you and thought you should know.
Remembered by Dana | 9:20am | 1 comments


November 26 | A Smile was worth it all
Hi, This memory goes back to a camping experience with a youth group. As every one knows you always scope out a good camping spots before the big group arrives. Melissa didn't want to ride in the van with all the others so she came with me to reserve our spot. While waiting for the group to arrive Melissa and I were sitting on a bench being annoyed by bees. Several attempts to get rid of the bee failed so we decided to use our frisbee to take out the little critter. We paused for just a moment when the bee decided to seal his fate. I swung the frisbee and the little bee flew across the parking lot, hit a canoe and landed on the ground. I though we would never quit laughing. The rest of the weekend we would find ourselves giggling about the event. I loved Melissa laugh and her smile.
Remembered by Julie | 9:20am | 2 comments


November 25 | Slug Bug
So I'm ready for some more people to post thoughts, feelings, memories. Meanwhile I'll dominate the remembrances section with my ramblings...

When Melissa and Mom brought Valette up to school I remember stopping at what was going to be Valette's dorm. Melissa and I were in the very back of the suburban. I don't remember what I said but Melissa slugged me in the upper arm between the deltoid and the bicep (many of you know exactly where I'm talking about). It was excruciating. For a tiny thing she knew how to throw a punch. She laughed her ass off for nearly and hour about that one.
Remembered by Damon | 11:02pm | 1 comments


November 24 | Little Sister Annoyances
I remember commercial fishing with our family when Melissa was pretty young. The thing I remember most about fishing with her is that she got to sleep till noon, work very little when she was up, and get loads of attention. I guess that's the benefits of being the youngest and the cutest. The little brat...
Remembered by Damon | 3:58am | 0 comments


November 23 | Dealing
I'm one of Melissa's four brothers. The four of us carried her into the church for the funeral and then carried her to the burial site. I still can't believe that I had to bury my little sister. It's more tragedy than one should have to endure.
Remembered by Damon | 12:22am | 1 comments


November 22 | Traditional Obituary
Melissa's newspaper obituary can be viewed here.
Remembered by Valette | 1:43pm | 0 comments


November 22 | Just the Facts
Let's begin with something basic: an introduction.

I am Melissa's sister, older by three years. For 15 years we lived in the same house, 12 of which were spent in the same room, in Homer, Alaska. Then I moved away to college.

Once we got through that I-hate-your-guts stage, we became surprisingly close. While I was still at home, we spent much time together. After moving, we spent much time on the phone.

I am grieving her loss, and will post memories here pretty frequently. Nice to meet you.
Remembered by Valette | 1:42pm | 0 comments


November 22 | Welcome
Two months ago today, Melissa McLay was killed in a motorcycle accident. We refuse to forget her.

This is a website dedicated to a beautiful girl who met with an untimely death. It exists as an ongoing eulogy. It is a palce for her friends and family to share stories and memories of Melissa, a place for people to laugh and cry in her remembrance.

This website is a group effort and will not continue without help. If you would like to contribute anything, fill out this form and I will contact you with more information.

If anyone has any questions or comments, email me.
Remembered by Valette | 11:41am | 2 comments


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