Melissa's Poetry

time to let go
Dedicated to Matt - 07Nov00

no reason to live
itís time to let go.
time to move on
to forget the past
and make a future
Iíve though of all the things,
all the bad things heís done
and think why go on?
I think of a reason to
stay on this earth
a reason to keep living.
that same reason keeps
coming to mind
that one reason is you.
your name keeps coming
to mind. every moment
Iím not with you I think that name
and say it over and over in my mind.
it keeps coming back to me
time and time again.
your name will never be forgotten
even if you do leave me here.
weíre not a couple anymore though I wish we were
we will probably never go out, but still
that name will drift on with my body
no matter where I go.

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