Melissa's Poetry


Why do people make mistakes
screw up their lives so everybody hates
We all make bad decisions
But mine was like an incision.

It went so much deeper in my chest
so much deeper than flesh
I will always ponder the determination
I made that fateful day

Peoplein the world are so perplex
I can't understand their intent
On this earth, living, breathing each day
I don't have the endurance to understand

We all do horrible things
But why me? Why do I do things I do?
I let people take advantage of me
I shouldn't have done it tonight but I did

I let him have leverage over me
We took it way too far
Why did I let it happen?
Me of all people didn't stop it!

I say to myself
he's taken, not by you
But do I listen to that little voice?
of course not I'm too stupid to listen

Why do I make bad decisions
I will never know but
I will never forget this decision
I made this horrible night

Sometime along this dreary road I walk
I will see the reasoning of this decision
This dreary road, I call my life
I am told "Everything happens for a reason."

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